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Furniture legs supplier - Bun feet for sofa

Our furniture legs Catalog, contains a wide range of models, including a lot of bun feet for sofa or beds. 

Use our price calculator to calculate an approximate price of a piece of furniture. 

You can use the dimensions I have shown below for any  wood furniture feet, or you can use your own dimensions.

Your best furniture legs supplier, Laviprod Forest srl. is one Click away !

Calculator Prices


Wood furniture feet

Height: 110 mm/ Diam: 65 mm. 
Modern wood furniture legs made from beech wood white color.


Modern Sofa legs

Height: 120 mm/ Diam: 48 mm. 
This Sofa legs for couch, beds or ottomans.

Bun feet for sofa

Height:110 mm/ Diam: 65 mm. 
Modern furniture feet, ikea sofa bed model, beech raw material.

Wooden furniture feet
Height: 100 mm/ Diam: 48 mm. Furniture foot for bed, cabinet, couch or ottomans.
Bun feet for couch
H: 43 mm/ Diam; 85 mm.  Leg model for cabinet. Beech Gloss color.
Furniture foot - round
Height: 43 mm/ Diam: 85 mm. This models is for sofa legs, cabinet or ottomans. Mahogany finishing.
Bun feet - furniture leg
Height: 40 mm/ Diam: 110 mm. Used for couch or ottomans. Natural Gloss finishing.
Bun feet - Mahogany
H: 40 mm/ Diam: 110 mm. This bun foot is use for couch or ottomans. Mahogany finishing.
Wood leg round for ottomans
H: 114 mm/ D: 72 mm. This leg is used for cabinet and ottomans. Mahogany finishing.

Modern sofa legs
H: 114 mm/ D: 72 mm. Leg model also used for cabinet and couch. Natur Gloss finishing.
Wood Sofa leg - Cup bottom
H: 114 mm/ D: 72 mm. Mahogany color and Cup at the bottom. Used for cabinet and bed.
Furniture leg product -  round feet
H: 114 mm/ D: 72 mm. With Castor at the bottom - Mahogany color.
Wooden Sofa leg - bun feet 
H: 155 mm/ D: 90 mm. Furniture legs - Beech raw material. Natur Gloss finishing. Price: 3 Euro
Wood Furniture leg - round 
H: 160 mm/ D: 90 mm. Often used for bed or ottomans.
Wooden bun feet for sofa
H: 155 mm/ D: 90 mm. This bun feet is used for bed or ottomans.
Modern Round furniture foot   
H: 120 mm/ D: 65 mm. Round Furniture bun feet for beds. Silver color.
Tapered square wooden leg 
H: 50 mm/ Length: 165 mm. This tapered  square leg are used for bed. Raw finishing.
Wood leg - tapered
Height: 50  mm/ Length : 165  mm.  Tapered square foot Mahogany, used for couch and bed.
Tapered square furniture leg
H: 50  mm/ Length : 165  mm. Tapered corner leg for bed. Gloss finishing.
Wood turned leg - finishing
H: 120 mm/ D: 48 mm. Set of  Turned legs especially for bed and cabinet.
Wood furniture legs
Height: 240 mm/ Diam: 50 mm. 
Modern Ikea sofa bed
Height: 120 mm/ Diam: 55 mm. 
Wood round bed leg
Height: 252 mm/ Diam: 55 mm. 
Height: 120 mm/ Diam: 50 mm. 

Square furniture foot

Height: 110 mm/ L: 75 mm.

Square wood furniture foot
Height: 120 mm/ L: 60 mm. 

Square furniture foot
Height: 90 mm/ L: 55 mm. 
Square wooden furniture feet
Height: 110 mm/ L: 75  mm. 

Wood sofa legs - Laviprod Forest srl.

We are furniture feet suppliers for this products and we do everything possible to raise the quality of our products
So, you can be sure of the excellent quality of the goods, which is a key factor in working with our clients. 

Sofa legs at Laviprod Forest srl. company, are designs that Wood sofa legs manufacturers have requested to be made to their exacting specifications. 
The designs of these feet vary as the functions and character of each furniture item is developed. 

Wood furniture feeet are designed by numerous inspired concepts keeping in mind functionality and presentation. 
Our company is proud to now offer customized wood legs in the tradition of offering diverse, yet beautifully round legs. The new modern and contemporary styles made available offer endless style possibilities. Not to mention the numerous functional advantages cabinet and furniture leg possess. Wood sofa furniture legs, are particularly exceptional on pieces that encounter moisture on a daily basis such as a vanity. 

Cabinets have so long been seen as having a purely functional purpose, and the addition of furniture feet makes them look less uninspiring and more like furniture. 
Adding this classic touch to cabinetry is a good way to add value to your next project., by creating a homey yet elegant look that will never go out of style. 
Of course,  our wooden furniture feet are also perfectly suited for use with actual furniture; whether by replacing damaged furniture feet, or lending their support to furniture that is a new construction. These modern feet can be perfectly placed under cabinet, ottomans, living room chairs, or upholstered chests, or even as a decorative replacement for bed feet. 
The perfect bun feet for sofa, on your next project are only a click away ! 

Wooden furniture feet - sofa legs