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Laviprod Forest srl. 

Best wooden legs money can buy!

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Laviprod Forest Story

Oue company, Laviprod Forest is a manufacturer of wooden furniture feet.
Feel free to read about our story.

Lavinia - Laviprod Forest Manager

"Do Better. That’s what I think."

Lavinia Corina Posedaru
General Manager


Laviprod Forest story - Basics

Basics of Laviprod Forest

   The Brundtland Commission defined in 1987 sustainability: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Yet everything we tend to waste our lives appears to possess a negative impact on the planet around us. 

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The story - a single minded business, since 1994

A single-minded business, since 1994

  The story begun In 1994, when Lavinia C.P. was presented by her brother, who had business with a foreign company, to a Dutch investors, who is in charge of selling wooden furniture legs, products made by her brother company for this investors. On the retirement of Laurentiu, her brother, in 2008, Lavinia took over his brother's business and founded a new company, Laviprod Forest srl. that continued his business with legs. 

That's who we are

Honest prices, not sales as many!

   Our old partner Mr. Smulders, used to say that: 

         “Our happiest customers are those who have dealt with my Company the longest.”

We charge all our customers  one , fair, honest  worth   and that we   don't  have  seasonal  sales  as a result of  our stock  doesn't  become obsolete. 


Florin P. - CEO

Florin P.

CEO & Co-Founder

(+40) 744.840250

"We start the day together, as a team. I always finish the huddle feeling confident that it’ll all get done".
Lavinia P. - Manager

Lavinia P.

General Manager 

(+40) 745.751.112

"The beginning was two friends and our spirit to create. Now we are so much more, a team".

Gabrielle - Production Manager


Production Manager

(+40) 746.761.663

"Man is done for work, as the bird is for flight".
Laura - Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

(+40) 745.176.845

"The work we do with pleasure, gets rid of her labor".

“Small business is a life adventure. When the people and the process come together, it all flows—aspiring to be great starts with doing something you believe in.”

LAVIPROD FOREST srl. - Top Nr. 1 Romanian Company

Best wooden furniture legs money can buy !