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Laviprod Forest srl. 

Best wooden legs money can buy!

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Furniture legs supplier - Sofa wood feet

Are you looking for suppliers of furniture legs ?  Laviprod Forest is Top no. 1 suppliers and manufacturer of wood turned feet for sofa, beds and cabinet.

Big discount depending on quantities.
Being each practical aesthetic, the careful choice of furniture legs can have an effect on each the quality, the price and also the design.
Laviprod Forest is the master of this.

From a sensible perspective, the first thought for a set of round bun feet the height with regard to. But high you would like your finished object to be the first thought from a decorative purpose of scan; may be a thanks to use this leg to visually reinforce a technique or atmosphere you are looking for.

Wooden turned product, round or square for example, will say up to date, tapered leg and square leg appearance, or may be piece of furniture feet on however they're handled and also the same is true; whether or not you're searching for a sofa legs suppliers. Spherical tapered leg or square with groove is hot couture Island leg, English or French or become similar to country items style on whether or not the dimensions of the leg is delicate. We provide several choices from that you'll opt for.

Our product customary inventory of turned feet are designed to accommodate one thing as low as a square table or items as tall as normal table or coffee table.
Find the price by use our "Calculator price" on our page "Prices" - to estimate the value of your leg and feel free to contact your prime supplier.

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Our production capacity: - 800.000 - furniture legs/ month


Sofa legs supplier - Laviprod Forest srl.

We are wooden furniture legs supplier and manufacturer for sofa legs, cabinet and coffee table. 

Our items are formed in many creative shapes, round, square or tapered.
Many round wooden feet, in nature and are also referred to as bun feet.
Like many of our prime wood foot, leg are sanded to 150 grit, giving these round legs, a set of bun foot for sofa legs, the mark of Laviprod Forest srl. supplier of excellence.
Our tapered square give one among the important option to line the fashion for a project.
Being each practical and aesthetic, the careful choice of a piece of leg can have an effect on each the quality and design.
The primary thought for the bun foot is the price and after, is that the height with relation to however high you would like your finished object to be; whether we are talking about wood furniture legs supplier set of bun feet for sofa, cabinet, or other hardware custom products, round or square.
The other thought from an ornamental custom wooden leg purpose of reading is the way to use these products to visually reinforce a mode or atmosphere you're making an attempt to make. Tapered square foot, for instance, will say up to date, or perhaps foot, looking on however they're handled. Also the same is true whether or not you're searching for furniture legs suppliers for a set of round product for sofa, beds or cabinets.
Spherical tapered or square foot with flute is fashion English or French or become akin to country items whether or not the size of the piece of leg is delicate or significant.
Our company as supplier and manufacturer of sofa legs, provide high quality and several choices from that you'll opt for.
You are on the right place and you find the best supplier for a deal with all the prime round or square leg or for a set of sofa legs you're looking for.
Do not hesitate to Contact us ! Be sure you wiil find prime supplier and the right price for you.


Wood turned  

We also, as supplier and manufacturer, provide sofa legs product that are designed to be used on terribly low items and embody each square wooden, round turned leg and spherical or island leg additionally to fit designed specifically to be used on the couch or coffee table.

During this case, we have a tendency to are delighted to figure with you on manufacturing your custom wooden feet. There is also made in any of identical solid leg within which we provide our normal inventory.
Custom sofa legs, may be created from our existing inventory wood foot product in things wherever the fashion meets your desires by the quality heights don't. Enjoy your supplier or turned legs and find the correct price.


Prime legs supplier

Prime wooden legs of each supplier, must include everything from custom sofa legs to bun feet, set and not for the last, the price. During the Queen Anne period, wood feet were discrete hidden by tapestry.

It was the finest fabric used to hide parts that people of that time actually related with human anatomy.

  While to today's mind such thoughts are preposterous, during this period of history virtue was so extolled that no extent of protective care of the minds of men would be considered extreme. 

While styles varied by region and period, these basic parts of design have developed by supplier, as useful parts of daily living.


Wooden bun feet

Laviprod Forest srl. is that the romanian's most popular manufacturer of round wooden modern furniture feet suppliers of upholstery merchandise.

Our company is committed to provision its customers with high-quality wood seat leg which can improve every the appearance and utility of their upholstery and article of furnishing designs.

Selecting the correct set of bun foot for your cabinet or bed it's essential that you just select the correct shape of round or square bun feet.

Custom form like island foot for kitchen island, work is additionally an honest answer for things wherever you wish the options found on many products and would love to mix them into one.


Wooden sofa legs

Our line of sofa or bed legs are designed to be as unique as you are.

Each piece is carefully created to be both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy.

  All of our feet are made from select  European lumber sourced right here in Romania, and are inspected from the time the components blanks are made until they ship from our factory.


Coffee table legs

 Order coffee table legs turned, offered in our distinct designs, varied finishes, and go in heights from 10 inches to 15 inches tall. we will customize most coffee table legs by adjust them to your needed height, simply hunt for the custom possibility.

  Feel free to contact your prime wood furniture legs supplier and manufacturer for any custom coffee table legs products.


HEADQUARTERS and FACTORY - Laviprod Forest srl.

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Wooden furniture feet suppliers:  production :  #  800.000 legs/ month

   Laviprod Forest srl. - Top nr. 1 supplier and manufacturer of wood furniture legs  →      Top-nr-1-Company-Laviprod-Forest-srl  

As a big company, our production Capacity is about 800.000 legs/ month and carries a diverse line of wooden foot tall, between 2 and 12 inches in height.
Varying from the simpler shaker and mission styles through a lovely selection of a round turning product sanded to 150 grit and ready to finish.
These skillfully crafted table leg are sure to find a home in your next design with our wood feet custom product. We will find the best price for you !
Laviprod Forest your prime furniture feet supplier for sofa, beds or cabinet legs.